A Note From CEO Mike Oswalt

Mik eOswaltLast year Algorithm is celebrated its 25th anniversary. 

As we reflected back on what helped grow our business and made us successful, it was simple. Strong, consistent, and well-executed work for our clients.

We believe the best way to earn new business is simply by doing good work and delighting our existing customers. And let's be honest, NOBODY enjoys cold calls, email blasts, and clamoring for unsolicited attention. Word of mouth and trusted relationships will always win out. 

That's why we've created the Algorithm Customer Referral Program.  

If you are satisfied with our services, feel we've added lasting value to your business, and think we might be able to do the same for a peer, I hope you'll take a look below at what we are offering and consider participating. 

A Quick Reminder of all the Different Ways We Help Companies:

Just Algo Blocks  Acumatica Cloud ERP implementation, optimization, and training

Just Algo Blocks  IT, network, and telephone managed services 

Just Algo Blocks  Business intelligence and budgeting, forecasting, accounting, and planning

Just Algo Blocks  Warehouse management 

Just Algo Blocks  Business process optimization

Just Algo Blocks  Custom solutions and 3rd-party integrations

How Does the Referral Program Work and What's the Benefit?

  1. Complete the form below with a little bit of information about you and your referral

  2. Algorithm will reach out to your referral with some friendly background on the program and ask for a discovery meeting

  3. If your referral accepts and we have a discovery meeting, we will:

    • Donate $100 to the charity of your choice
    • Credit you 1 free hour of consulting, a $215 value
  4. If your referral turns into a customer? We will double down on those gifts. That's a $590 value! 

It's as simple as that and there are no limits to the number of referrals you can provide. It is our hope that this program will play a small part in combating cold calling, get back to the fundamentals of relationships, and do some extra good for our world.


Referral Submission Form